Total Solutions for Event Safety and Medical Cover

ER Systems provides a forward thinking events risk management and medical solution. We have an enviable client list with over 12 years experience and we operate globally. We will consider any request put in front of us however far away it is and however difficult it seems. We are a problem solving company and using the experts within our own company we can work with organisers to establish safety and risk reduction measures for any event.

Events Management Health Check

We offer a health check using a number of software solutions and UK and international Governance standards to measure and evaluate an organisation’s risk and resilience in the events sector.

We provide a broad range of clinical expertise from first aid to critical care. We are able to move any patient from a physical carry to evacuation on air ambulance. We can operate on water or in the mountains and work with organisers to achieve standards and regulations mandated in current legislation such as the Health and Safety Executive, Health and Social Care Act, Health and Care Professionals Council.

We will work with you to develop a strategy compliant with The Purple and Green Guides and with the new NACTO requirements for counter terrorism measures as currently requested by Safety Advisory Groups (SAG).

All our senior risk advisors are qualified safety officers as per the Green and Purple Guides and SAG Certificate requirements.

We are qualified to Masters Level in risk, security and emergency management. We are approved qualified Lead Auditors for event and safety ISO, BSI, IQ Verify and UKAS accredited certifications bodies.

3 Sporting Success Stories...

We currently have the contract with Badminton Horse Trials reflecting our passion of providing appropriate medical cover for any horse discipline.

We have operated in the Olympic Stadium; Horse Guards Parade in London; the Longines Challenge a Prestigeous Global and Senior Showjumping Event; British Eventing and Mounted Games across Europe and we work with a major horse event provider in Ireland to make their equine centre into a 5 star venue.


We hope these give you a snapshot of our experience. It is broad efficient and proactive in every sense. We are fit for purpose and every single day a conversation takes place related to an activity in our continued and committed medical cover for events.

No job is too small. Our clients come back year after year. Positive patient outcomes come from dedicated teams like ours and offers a solution to your own brand reputation.

Rugby Union is a major passion of ER Systems for many reasons; from our passion of playing to one of our Directors being a qualified referee for over 28 years.

With an enviable client base from England Elite Rugby u20s, u18s, u16s and u15 Academys’ to Bristol Rugby operating in the premiership and providing much needed “Transitional Care” products from pitch side to hospital.

We are innovative at every level and breed confidence in our clients as one of the biggest providers of pitch side rugby support. We offer Doctors, Physiotherapists, Paramedics and well drilled pitch side recovery teams, operating within guidelines of the Professional Game Board and the clinical instruction as provided by the RFU Intermediate Care in Sport Program.


BMX for British Cycling. We have provided for many years all medical cover for the British Diary of BMX events across the country culminating in the provision of medical support to 3 European Championships, and a World Championships in Birmingham. We also provided experienced medical support to riders from all over the world in their preparation for the Olympics.


Run. Hide. Tell.


citizenAID is an app that can help you prepare for a knife, firearms or bomb attack. It gives some basic instructions on different types of incident. Following the “Run, Hide, Tell” mantra, citizenAID have also added a “Treat” section which offers basic first aid instructions to provide help to casualties affected by the attack.

Please click on the BBC News Link an the citizenAID link to hear how senior military and medical officers recommend the uptake of First Aid Training for these types of incidents…