Aeromedical Services

From simple road transfers to challenging evacuations

Aeromedical cases can be as simple as a road transfer to the very complex and challenging locations and atmospheres

With our experience and partners Global Aircraft Charters we offer to date a comprehensive service from straight forward transfers from aircraft to home or place of care to the more complex cases which may involve the military or intensive care aero evacuations.

In all cases the most challenging are not the patients themselves but the geographic and nations one needs to visit to repatriate the patients and relatives out. This may not involve the UK at all.

We operate from Cattcott Somerset with our partners who are legal experts in disputes, professionals council and general law. Our experienced team doctor has been the  Medical Incident officer for the South West Ambulance Service, doctor to the Falkland islands for 3 years.

Some recent cases...

A recent case we dealt with took one week to complete involving two consultant lead medical teams, two air partners, two ground ambulance providers, a close protection officer and a legal advisor, starting in New Zealand and returning to UK via Singapore. This was with a patient who was anaesthetised throughout over max 72 hours.

Another was in Africa in the Sahara giving medical support to a desert rally. A driver rolled his rally car and broke his spine 200km off a hard surface road in Southern Morocco. Using our Satellite communications we arranged a military helicopter from scene to the nearest road and a fixed wing medivac to Dakhla Airport and then another medical aeromed to Germany non stop from the accident.

We were tasked in Northern Cyprus to escort a patient on a commercial flight back to the UK following a recent illness. It took us three days to get him fit to fly as we took care of some basic medical needs prior to travel – rehydration and pain relief to name a few. We got back to Heathrow where one of our road ambulances took him to a London hospital.