Global Projects, Afghanistan, Iraq and Republic of South Sudan

Co-creating solutions with our NGO partners

ER Systems Global train and qualify local workforces in the international code of conduct for Private Security Service Providers. We have worked with IQ Industry Qualifications to design and develop an accredited international security qualification that incorporate the ICOC and Voluntary principles of human rights. We have piloted the delivery of the qualification to its local security guard force in Afghanistan. Training took place in-country for 51 employees working on a US DoS sponsored contract.

We are pleased to say that we met the stringent criteria set by the UK Foreign Office minister Mark Simmonds, who said…

“The UK is, along with the USA, a global leader in the private security company (PSC) market. Legitimate PSCs, working to high standards, are vital to the protection of diplomatic missions and the work of companies and NGOs in complex and dangerous environments around the world.
The UK Government wants to see the highest standards, including on human rights, across all PSCs that work in complex environments abroad. At the same time, the Government wants to level the global playing field for those PSCs that work to high, measurable standards, so that they cannot be undercut by PSCs which do not meet those standards.
We have undertaken to establish a system of national certification to professional standards for PSCs, which would measure PSCs’ implementation of the commitments and principles set out in the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (ICoC).”

In January our qualified trainers delivered a 3 week training program to its security guards protecting NGO’s and Contractors in Afghanistan. The training and associated qualification are in line both with the ASNI/ASIS PSC-1 requirements and with ER Systems Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment. The qualification incorporates modules of training in ICOC, International Human Rights, International Rule of Law and Local Rule of Law. Each employee was psychologically screened as part of our psychosocial risk management policy and in line with the PAS 1010 standard in PRM, which is supported by ‘Talking to Minds’ a UK based charity for PSTD sufferers.

Localisation Education and Change Management Program.

The qualification is another example of long term commitment to creating local infrastructure and capability in the countries where we operate. We trained and qualified our local training team in a UK Accredited Teaching Qualification prior to the team delivering the security training in Afghanistan.
This approach to training delivery overcomes cultural and language barriers-to-learning at local level.

ER Systems has further developed this approach at its base in Juba, South Sudan, a 37 bedroom hotel which has a restaurant and leisure facilities. We have taken a Jamie Oliver apprenticeship approach to training and parachuted in a manager qualified to train in hospitality and tourism – our very own Jamie, Jamie Butterfield!
Jamie is managing the restaurant and leisure facilities at ER Systems Juba based hotel. The 26-strong local workforce has been registered on to a locally customised and co-created blended learning program which will see our talent being trained and qualified in the IQ Level 2 Award in ‘The Principles of Customer Service in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism’. The hotel supervisors are registered on the level 3 Award in ‘The Principles of Customer Service in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism’ which includes a ‘Coaching and Assessing’ module.

The graduation ceremony, for the first Security Risk Management qualification course, took place on Monday 10th August 2015 at the Project SUCCESS headquarters in Juba, South Sudan. The course was attended by members of various South Sudan Civic Society Organisations, including; Community Empowerment for Progress Organisation, Juba Civic Engagement Centre, South Sudan, Law Society, South Sudan Network for Democracy and Elections, South Sudan Democracy Project, South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network. The course was accredited by a UK Internationally approved awarding body, Industry Qualifications, and is the first of its kind to be delivered in South Sudan. The students graduated with a Level 4 Award in Security Risk Management.The course focused on security risk assessments and the ability to identify and minimise risk relating to property, premises, people, and information, within an industrial or commercial context.

Adapted to the requirements of Project SUCCESS and the CSO’s the Republic of South Sudan, the framework of the course adhered to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 31000 Risk Management System. The students completed a full risk assessment of their relevant CSO’s, created a plan and implemented changes to their organisations security.

The first Cohort, Project SUCCESS team and ER-Systems Chairman and RSS trainers

Wherever we’re operating, no matter how complex the environment, we have always looked to commit to the development of our local people. It’s our way of demonstrating our long term mission and values to one of the most important elements of our success to-date – the people of our host countries.

It’s through this commitment to our local people that we are able to give back to our host country. This is the ER Systems ‘promise’ and the ER Systems legacy.
We’re particularly excited by the opportunity of working in South Sudan, with us playing a small part in helping develop what is the ‘Newest Nation in the World’.
Over the last few years we have found the people to be as dynamic as they are determined: determined to put conflict behind them and to see their country grow. We want to be part of that determined, rapid growth by introducing to South Sudan qualifications and standards that are recognized internationally and that will help provide a platform upon which the Republic of South Sudan – its government and its people – can establish itself as a resilient, thriving global supplier.